Winter recipe for an IRISH COFFEE

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Now that Winter season is upon us, here's a nice winter warmer.

Keep warm with a nice cup of Irish Coffee!


1.        Put 2 espresso shots into a standard Latter cup.

           (Tramoni Siena pods are a good choice)

2.        fill up the glass, with a little hot water, similar to an Americano

3.       Then add 3 tablespoons of Irish Whiskey ( like Bushmills, Jameson or similar)

4.        Add 2 spoons of BROWN sugar

5.       mix until the brown sugar is dissolved

6.      add some whipped cream on top (about 2/3 fingers width )



You'll be in for a treat as a nice irish coffee will keep you warm during the cold months ahead... with a strong coffee punch, and sweetness of the irish Whiskey, its a powerful combination that'll surely put a smile on your face.

Enjoy !!!!



Caffè Tramoni


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