How to make a Coffee GRANITA at home

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Another instalment in the Tramoni recipe series: 

Making a coffee infused GRANITA at home.


Ingredients needed :

500 ml Black Coffee  (  6 pods of the Tramoni Napoli would do nicely)

80g   Golden Caster Sugar

100 ml Coffee Liqueur ( for example Kahlua would do nicely)

500g   Mascarpone

50g   Dark Chocolate




Pour 500 ml of black coffee into a Jug or bowl ( for example, making 6 pods of black coffee using Tramoni 'Napoli' pod, poured into a jug). Then add the golden caster sugar and stir with a spoon til the sugar is dissolved in the coffee. Then add the coffee liquer afterwards ( Kahlua is nice ). Leave the jug for 1hr to cool.



Pour contents of Jug into a freezable container ( large tupperware or tray ). then leave for 1hr in the freezer. After that take it out and stirr the contents with a fork. The mixture should slowly be freezing and clumps together. Then put back in freezer for 30 mins and take it out again, stirring with a fork again, until the whole mixture is clumps of ice.



When serving the coffee GRANITA, put it into nice bowls, or glass cups. You can add some mascaropone to it, and crumble some dark chocolate shavings on top to make a beautiful presentation.


Enjoy !!!!!